Particle between Parallel Plates Simulation

Initial Particle Settings

Particle Mass: 9.1e-31 kg

Particle Charge: -1.6e-19 C

Particle Initial X Velocity: 3000000 m/s

Particle Initial Y Velocity: 0 m/s

Plate Electrostatics Properties

Uniform Electric Field: 178 N/C

Voltage: 8.9 V

Capacitance: 1.77e-13 Farads

Plate Charge: 1.58e-12 m^2

Plate Physical Properties

Plate Area: .001 m^2

Plate Distance: .05 m

Plate Width: 100 mm


Particle Data

Formula Reference

E = F/q

V = E*d

Q = V*C

C = ε*A/d

...where E = electric field, V = voltage, q = charge of particle, F = force
d = distance between plates, C = capacitance, ε = 8.85e-12 C^2/N*m^2, A = area of plate, Q = charge of plate